PSS Asset Management

Our Customers at the Center

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. With complex challenges that require deep investment expertise to help achieve unique investment goals of our customers, PSS helps them understand markets, delivers innovative investment solutions and plans for their future.

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

To best serve our customers’ diverse and evolving needs, we have built our business to be global, broad and deep across:

Asset Classes

We constantly strive to be creative and anticipate the changing needs of our customers by developing new products and services across a full range of asset classes including fixed income, money markets, public and private equity, commodities, hedge funds, and real estate.


Customers seek customized and holistic solutions. Based on our customers’ unique needs, we tailor solutions across a broad spectrum of offerings – from portfolio design to asset allocation and advisory solutions.

A Culture of Excellence.

The strength of our business is rooted in our focus on our customers and our people. We foster a culture of excellence as:

Customers value our rigorous research and disciplined investment processes, which give us the most informed views on sourcing new ideas and solutions. On behalf of our customers, we strive to bring together our best minds, drawing insights from our investment teams comprise senior professionals with decades of investing experience.


Our goal is to forge long-term relationships with our customers built upon trust. They consider us a strategic partner and an extension of their teams, providing ongoing knowledge transfer and tailored customer service to meet their distinct needs. We are the first call for customers seeking insights and advice on a wide range of topics, as we provide access to the broad resources across PSS and a global network of industry experts.

Risk Managers

Alongside our customers, we view managing risk as a strategic priority and take a holistic approach to risk management, which is deeply embedded in our investment culture and processes. Leveraging our state of the art risk and technology resources, we analyze the risk spectrum to drive risk-adjusted returns and provide comprehensive analytics and views.