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February 24, 2021 2:00 pm

PSS Makes New Portfolio Performance Reporting Available Free to All Retail Clients

The latest in personal portfolio management shows clients how they’re doing and how much risk they’ve taken

OSLO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to continued interest from clients in assessing how their portfolios are performing, PSS has made Portfolio Performance Reporting available at no charge to all clients on Refreshed daily, the reports can be customized so clients can improve their understanding of what’s driving portfolio performance and how much risk they’ve taken so they can make more informed decisions.

Especially important to investors with complex portfolios and investing goals, Portfolio Performance Reporting marries the flexibility of online access with timely data for greater transparency. Clients can select time periods and view the performance of their portfolios against an array of benchmarks and indices, and can examine how the risk and return of their portfolios compares to their benchmarks. A portfolio view broken out by asset class enables them to make additional comparisons, so they can see where they are exceeding or falling behind the markets and change allocations accordingly.

“Given the challenges of today’s investing landscape, people don’t always know what to make of their portfolio fluctuations,” said Andy Gill, executive vice president for PSS. “It’s natural to want to know: ‘How am I doing?’ Providing clients with more information about both how and why their portfolios behave will help them become more successful investors, whether they make the changes on their own or with support from PSS.”

Gill emphasized that PSS offers a far broader range of reports than most other firms, and unlike others whose data remains static for a month, PSS updates its data on a daily basis enabling clients to have a more real-time experience.

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