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Learn how PSS brings people, capital, and ideas together to
innovate the financial service industry.

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2023 Annual Report is in

See our latest earnings, cash flows, and acquisitions.

Our Annual Revenues Growth


Refocusing on our core franchise and exiting banking sector, simplifying and streamlining our organization and client offerings, and improving our value propositions.

our ceo is back

Yes, Joseph J. Deiss is back. That’s news. But we’ve done more than just bring back a
CEO. We’ve brought back what made PSS successful in the first place.

executive decisions 2023

In the financial world, a period of readjustment is often followed by one of opportunity.

Code of business conduct

We are also committed to maintaining the highest value of integrity, fairness and ethos all the time.


PSS activities and services prevent
money laundering, corruption and global financial terrorism.

Our business strategy

we are transforming the way we operate and developing PSS as a customer centered organization. Learn how PSS is preparing itself for digital revolution in the financial service industry.

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