Investment Products

Global Equities Investing

€0.00 Commission
€ 0.01 Spread
Trade stocks from over 20 countries, and access more than 40 international stock exchanges.

Get help evaluating stock opportunities and enjoy fast trading and execution all with no commission.

  • Over-the-counter direct trading of shares, certificates, warrants, funds and ETFs
  • Stock exchange trading on various international stock exchanges
  • Funds and ETFs as a lump-sum investment or savings plan
  • Fully integrated CFD trading
  • European stock exchanges at a fixed price

Forex Investment Products

Low Swaps
No Commissions
0.0 pip spread starting

Trade more than 80 currency pairs and diversify your investment to the largest market in the world.

  • EUR 50,000 deposit insurance per account
  • Free cash and securities account management
  • Award-winning trading platform (MetaTrader 4)
  • Mobile trading via tablet and smartphone

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

250+ commission-free ETFs.
Good tradability, high transparency, and low management fees.

PSS ETFs include both Market Cap Index ETFs and Fundamental Index ETFs, two different ETF methodologies that can work well together. For broader diversification, consider using both when building your portfolio.

  • Low margin and higher leverage
  • Trading funds & ETFs on or off the stock exchange
  • Cost effective and clear-cut market exposure
  • Fully diversified investment within and across asset classes

Bonds and Fixed Income

Enjoy High Spreads and Low Commissions

Whether you want to mitigate market volatility, preserve your investment, generate income from your portfolio, or all three, we offer a wide range of fixed-income investments that can address your needs such as:

  • Preserving wealth
  • Generating income
  • Diversifying your portfolio
  • Managing interest rate risk

Commodities Investment

Competitive spreads. Greater leverage.
Diversify your portfolio with over 60 commodities trading 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.
  • Trade commodities, like energies and metals.
  • Access global markets 24 hours a day even when the stock market is closed.
  • Get greater leverage and more efficient use of your trading capital.
  • Take advantage of trading opportunities regardless of market direction.

Cryptocurrency Investing

Now, you can trade cryptocurrency with PSS.
No Commission
500:1 Leverage
24/7 Trading and Support

Trade over 20 Cryptocurrencies without having the need for separate wallets for different cryptocurrencies, Also, enjoy the competitive commission and adjustable leverage that PSS offers.

Fixed and Variable Annuities

Being ready for retirement doesn’t just mean you’ve saved enough money.
0.75% Fee.
Guaranteed Return.
Cost of Living Adjustments.

Generate reliable retirement income with variable annuities’ unique combination of insurance and investments.

Competitively priced, fixed and variable annuities from highly rated insurance carriers.

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