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With rapidly moving markets, fast trade execution is critical to traders. Reliable and agile trading systems of PSS are designed for our customers to obtain fast executions of their orders.

Investors want a better price.
of orders receive price improvements.

Number of market orders receiving price(s) better than the global average price at the time of routing, divided by the total number of orders executed.

Investors want to save money on trading.
are saved per €10,000 trades.

Our customers save €2,340 every year on average.

Investors want all their trades to be accepted.
of orders have been rejected or requoted.

There has been no requote or rejection in trading under all market conditions since 2017.

Investors want their trades to be settled fast.
seconds is the average time for trades to be completed.

It is the average time between orders being routed and filled.

Copy trades from other traders who have been selected and categorized by researchers at PSS.

PSS Advantages

PSS offers customers with efficient trading services with the following three rules:

  • PSS offers the best price to trade.
  • PSS offers the fairest deal for customers.
  • PSS offers the fastest deposits and fund withdrawals.
Real-time Bitcoin Deposit

Clients can deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin to and from online trading accounts.

Simple and easy access to the market

We made account opening, deposit, and withdraw procedure as simple as possible.

Real-time back office

PSS provides transparent, real-time reports on all your trading activity.

Tight spreads

We offer competitive spreads, enabling us to maximize potential profits for our customers.

Price improvement

At PSS, 82.7% of all orders have settled at a better price for customers.

Fast and consistent trades

With an automated trading and settlement system, our customers trade quickly and efficiently.

Adjustable leverage

Our customers can change leverage, even for open positions, for flexible margin requirements.

Multi-Product Platform

PSS offers a wide array of products on a highly secured online trading environment.

One Click Trading

You can trade directly from a chart with one click based on your predefined volume.

Hedge Trade

You can place a new position in the opposite direction to an existing position to be neutral on market volatility.

Trailing Stop

Your trading system allows you to safeguard profit automatically as the market moves in your favor.

Auto trading

You can easily develop your own auto trading algorithm directly from your trading platform.

Trading Signals

You can copy trades of experienced traders in real time.

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