Smart Portfolio Builder

Our Advisory Robot helps you build your investment portfolio, easier and simpler than ever before.
  • A fully automated investment advisory service at PSS
  • Advisory Robot builds, monitors and rebalances your investment portfolio.
  • Start with kr 100,000. Pay no advisory fee and trading commissions.
Your Advisory Robot
  • Builds a custom portfolio based on your goals.
  • Invests in ETFs consisting of stock, forex, commodities and bonds based on your risk tolerance.
  • Monitors and rebalances your portfolio automatically.
  • Checks your income, spending, and tax bracket.
  • Handles your daily banking requirements.
  • Charges no fees for its services.

How Does Advisory Robot Work?

Our Smart Portfolio Builder has three main components:
1 Your Advisory Robot will ask you a series of questions to understands your current financials and future goals, as well as your risk tolerance and investment timeline.
2 Your Advisory Robot prepares three investment portfolios for you to choose from. All you have to do is pick the portfolio you like. Your ETF portfolio consists of different asset classes including stock, forex, bonds, and commodities. Then, it is diversified again based on market capitalization and level of risk.
3 Your robot monitors and adjusts your portfolio every day and generates a daily report in your ibank and mobile apps.
Daily rebalance to your portfolio will be performed based on following factors:
  • Rising of a better investment opportunity
  • Dramatic changes in incomes and expenses
  • Your risk tolerances and investment appetites

Are Advisory Robots right for you?

As advisory robots continue to grow in popularity, traditional financial advisors remain available, as well as a combination of both approaches.

Advisory Robots

  • Ideal for a single investment goal
  • Stay on track to individual goals with automated portfolio rebalancing.
  • Financial planning advisors usually not provided
  • Pay low fees plus automatic tax-loss harvesting.

Robo + Traditional

  • Ideal for an automated portfolio created with professional guidance
  • Provides access to an online planning tool to help reach your long-term goals.
  • Conveniently meet with an advisor via video chat.
  • Pay moderate fees for occasional financial advice.

Traditional Advisors

  • Ideal for more complex services such as estate planning
  • Develop a holistic view for assistance with all your financial accounts.
  • Meet in-person with your dedicated advisor.
  • Pay higher fees for dedicated attention and increased advisor availability.

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