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Advisory robots have become more mainstream since its introduction nearly a decade ago. It is popular with novice investors for its low starting deposits and easy-to-use functions, while experienced investors use it for complex, time-consuming activities like rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting.

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kr 850
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Advisory Robot formulates the best possible investment option based on personal preferences against market variables.

Advisory robots vary from firm to firm but are generally online services that provide automated portfolios based on your preferences. Advisory robots weigh personal preferences against unpredictable forces to automatically recommend a portfolio that fits an investor’s specific needs.

How do Advisory Robots work?
Each Advisory Robot is different, but they tend to operate in a similar fashion.

PSS constantly monitors order settlements and reviews the following factors when making our settlement evaluation.

1 Complete a brief questionnaire to assess your risk tolerance and investment needs—anything from retirement planning to buying a new car.
2 The Advisory Robot automatically builds you a diversified portfolio of funds—usually selected by a team of investment professionals.
3 Experts regularly monitor market activity and every underlying investment to ensure your portfolio is rebalanced appropriately by a sophisticated algorithm—all so you don’t have to.
4 Some Advisory Robots include access to a live consultant who can help prioritize goals and provide recommendations on how to reach them.
5 Log in to your account to track progress, make adjustments, add contributions, and continue working toward new goals.

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